Non Ferrous Metals


Primary aluminium with impurities no greater than the chemical composition of one of the registered designations:

P1020A in the North American and International Registration Record entitled “International Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Unalloyed Aluminum” (revised January 2018)

Al99.70 in the GB/T 1196-2017 Standard entitled “Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting”

For warrants created up to and including 31 December 2009 primary aluminium of minimum 99.70% purity with maximum permissible iron content 0.20% and maximum permissible silicon content 0.10%.

Available as Ingots, t-bars or sows 

Copper Grade A

Grade A copper conforming to the chemical composition of one of the following standards:
BS EN 1978:1998 – Cu-CATH-1
GB/T 467-2010 – Cu-CATH-1
ASTM B115-10 – cathode Grade 1
Available as Cathodes 


Special high-grade zinc of 99.995% purity (minimum)  conforming to the chemical composition of one of the following standards:

– BS EN 1179:2003- 99.995% grade
– ISO 752:2004- ZN-1 grade
– ASTM B6-18 – LME grade
– GB/T 470-2008- Zn99.995 grade

Available as Ingots


Lead of 99.97% purity (minimum) conforming to the chemical composition one of the following standards:
BS EN 12659:1999 – Permitted grades: material numbers PB970R, PB985R and PB990R
GB/T 469/2013 – Permitted grades: 99.970%, 99.985%, 99.990% and 99.994%
ASTM B29 2019 – Permitted grades: 99.97% and 99.995%

Available as ingots


The nickel  conforms to one of the following Standards:
i) ASTM specification B39-79 (2018) – min 99.80% purity
ii) GB/T 6516-2010 – Ni9990 grade

Available as cathodes (full plate and cut), pellets, briquettes and rounds


Tin of 99.85% purity (minimum) conforming to BS EN 610:1996.

Available as Ingots

Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium alloy conforming to A380.1, 226 or AD12.1

Available as Ingots, small sows, large sows or t-bars