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Trading Of Metals,
Oil Country Tubular Goods, Tubulars for
Geothermal and Mining


Company Profile

Mertex UK Limited is a privately-owned company, registered in England and Wales, and together with its associates is a leading, diversified, natural resources group with renowned specialized activity in  trading, manufacturing and processing of Line Pipe, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) such as Casing, Tubing and Drill pipes. These material can be used in renewable energy sector such as Geothermal and Mining. Different origin of material can be supplied and processed depending on project requirement. We primarily supply material from Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, India, and Japan.

We are engaged in the physical trading of commodities on a global basis. This involves purchasing commodities, mostly from producers, then selling and delivering these commodities to industrial consumers such as petroleum companies, steel mills, public utilities, etc. Read more


We can supply tubing manufactured according to API Specification 5CT

Line Pipes

We can supply line pipes manufactured according to API Specification 5L

Casing Pipes

We can supply casing manufactured according to API Specification 5CT

Drill Pipes

We can supply Drill Pipe according to API Specification 5D & 7

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Track & Rails

British Standard ’A’ Design Rails, Rail Sections 60A, 70A, 75A, 80A

Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings

We can supply K and C class ductile iron pipes and fittings to EN 545 or EN 598

Profile Pipes

We can supply various types of profile pipes which are use in: Standards DIN 2395-1/2 DIN EN 10305-5 DIN EN 10219-1/2

Casing and Tubing for Corrosion Resistant

We can supply casing manufactured according to API Specification 5CRA.

Non Ferrous Metals

Primary Aluminium • Copper Grade A • Zinc • Lead • Nickel • Tin • Aluminium Alloy

Ferrous Metals

Carbon Steel • Ferro-Manganese • Steel making for Pig Iron • Iron Ore • Stainless Steel • Alloy Steel• Bearing Steel • High Speed Steel • Tool Steel • Foundry Pig Iron

Ferro Alloys

Ferro-Aluminium • Chrome Ores and Concentrates • Cobalt • Ferro-Manganese • Ferro-Niobium • Nickel • Ferro-Nickel • Ferro-Molybdenum • Silico-Manganese • Nickel Ores and Concentrates • Tungsten Metal • Molybdenum Ores and Concentrates • Ferro-Silicon • Silico-Chrome • Vanadium Ore and Concentrates • Silicon Metal • Ferro-Titanium • Tungsten Ore • Ferro-Tungsten • Ferro-Vanadium • Ferro chrome • Ferro- Boron • Manganese Ore • Chrome Ore • Chromium Metal • Manganese Metal

We are engaged in the physical trading of commodities on a global basis