Ferrous Metals

Tool Steel

Tool Steel Forgings 180-450mm; pressings 80-210mm.

High Speed Steel

High Speed Steel

Bearing Steel

Bearing Steel Bearing steel (tubes — 20-90mm dia, 3.5-11mm wall thickness)

Alloy Steel (Other than Stainless Steel)

Slabs slabs 115-190 x 600-1,100mm, 120-160 x 350-600mm, 120-190 x 350-730mm;
Blooms blooms 200-315mm
Semis For Seamless Tubemaking semis for seamless tubemaking 80-180mm dia;
Hot Rolled Coil (For Re-Rolling) Wire Rod
Reinforcing Bars
Round Bars round bars 8-170mm dia (rolled), 100-200mm dia (forged);
Square Bars square bars 10-156mm
Flats flats 9-40mm thick
Hexagons hexagons 12-38mm dia
Bright (Cold Finished) Bars bright (cold finished) bars 5-25mm dia
Light Sections
Light Angles
Light Channels
Special Sections
Medium Plate Medium Plates
Heavy Plate heavy plates 4-11mm thick, 1,000mm wide and 1,200-2,000mm longheavy plates 4-20mm x 900-1,600mm x 2,000-6,000mm;
Hot Rolled Uncoated Sheet/Coil hot rolled sheet 3-3.5mm thick and 1,000-2,000mm wide hot rolled sheet/coil 3.5-6.0 x 730-1,100mm; hot rolled hoop and strip 2-20mm thick;
Cold Rolled Uncoated Sheet/Coil cold rolled hoop and strip 0.01-2.5mm thick, 40-280mm widecold rolled sheet/coil 0.5-3.0 x 1,000mm.;
Wire wire 0.02-7.5mm dia
Seamless Tubes & Pipes Longitudinal Weld Tubes & Pipes Longitudinal-weld tubes and pipes 8-102mm dia, 1-3mm wall thickness; 9-16mm dia, 0.5-2mm wall
Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
Cold Drawn Tubes & Pipes
Precision Tube

Pig Iron

For Foundry
For Steel Making


For Blast Furnace

Carbon Steel

  • slabs 250 x 750-2,350mm x 4,800-12,000mm and 125-250mm x 1,250-1,750mm x 1,800-5,500mm;slabs 115-190 x 600, 130-180 x 400, 100-190 x 350-730mm;
  • slabs 130-300mm x 900-1,135mm, 140-320mm x 280-600mm;
  • slabs (200, 240 and 250mm thick x 1,100-1,850mm wide x 3,500-10,500mm long);
  • slabs 140-250 x 1,000-1,400mm;
  • blooms 200-315mm Sq.;
  • blooms 260-340mm x 290-480mm;
  • blooms;
  • billets 60-150mm;
  • billets 64mm sq, 82mm sq, 98mm sq and 124mm sq, 120 x 156mm, 150 x 160mm, 152 x 164mm and 152 x 170mm, 3,500-9,400mm long;
  • billets 130mm sq;
  • billets 60, 75, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 154mm;
  • billets 70-125mm
  • billets hot rolled, 40 and 48mm;
Semis For Seamless Tubemaking semis for seamless tubemaking 70-200mm dia;
Wire Rod Wire rod 5.5-24 mm dia;
Bars bright (cold finished) bars 5-50mm (rounds and hexagons);
Reinforcing Bars reinforcing bars 5.5 to 50 mm
Round Bars round bars 8 to 200 mm
Square Bars square bars 6 to 170 mm
  • flats 20-220 x 4-60mm;
  • flats 40-200mm x 10-60mm;
  • flats 6-18 x 63-90mm;
  • flats (hot rolled 80-95mm wide and 3.0-4.5mm thick)
  • flats 80-220mm;
  • flats 20-120 x 7-40mm;
  • flats 9-40mm thick.
Hexagons hexagons 9 to 200mm;
Bright (Cold Finished) Bars bright (cold finished) bars — flats 1.8-4.5mm x 2.5-10mm and rounds;
Light Angles
  • light angles (equal — 40-125mm x 4-14mm thick;
  • unequal — 63 x 40 x 5-8mm and 75 x 50 x 5-8mm);
  • light angles (equal) 32 x 32 x 4mm, 36 x 36 x 4mm, 40 x 40 x 5mm, 45 x 45 x 5mm, 50 x 50 x 6mm;
  • light angles (equal 20-75 x 20-75 x 3-9mm) (unequal 30-100 x 20-63 x 3-8mm);
Light Channels light channels 5, 6.5, 8, 12, 14 and 18
Special Sections special sections (light) 2-25 x 158mm in straight lengths of 4,500-12,000mm and coils 840mm id;
Medium Angles
  • medium angles (equal up to 125mm x 14mm thick,
  • unequal up to 100 x 63 x 8mm);
  • medium angles (equal — 40-140mm x 40-140mm x 4-16mm and unequal — 40-160mm x 90-100mm x 9-14mm);
Medium Channels
Universal Beams
Heavy Sections heavy channels 400;
Heavy Angles heavy angles 200-250mm;
Heavy Rails heavy angles 200-250mm;
Light Rails light rails P18;70/10, 80/14
Medium Plates
  • medium plates 750 x 2,300mm x 2,000-12,000mm from 1.2mm thick;
  • medium plates and heavy plates 4-12mm thick x up to 11,700mm long;
  • medium plates andheavy plates — structural, shipbuilding and pressure vessel qualities 5-8 x 1,400-2,500 x 3,500 x 12,000 and 4-16 x 1,000-1,800 x 6,000-11,000mm;
  • medium plates 1,200-1,465mm wide, 7mm thick and 3.4-4.7m long;
Heavy Plates
  • heavy plates 750-2,300mm x 2,000-12,000mm x up to 16mm thick, 1,000-3,000mm x 3,500-12,000mm x 30-160mm thick;
  • heavy plates; killed and rimming steels; commercial, boiler and pressure vessel, and higher quality grades; 14-30mm thick, 1,400-2,000mm wide and 4,500-7,000mm long.
  • heavy plates 5-25mm x 1,000-1,800mm x 4,000-6,000mm and 50-75mm x 1,000mm;
  • heavy plates 4-20 x 900-1,600 x 2,000-6,500mm;
  • heavy plates 8-50mm thick, 1,500-2,500mm wide, 4.5-12m long.;
  • heavy plates 1,400-1,800mm wide, 14-20mm thick and 3.4-6.0m long;
Hot Rolled Uncoated Sheet/Coil
  • hot rolled uncoated hoop and strip 2.5-10mm x 60-220mm;
  • hot rolled uncoated sheet/coil 2-3.9 x 900-1,200mm x 2,000-4,000mm.
  • hot rolled uncoated hoop and strip 6-25mm thick, 200-600mm wide and up to 12m long;
  • hot rolled uncoated sheet/coil and coiled plate 2-12mm thick x 240-1,830mm wide;
Cold Rolled Uncoated Sheet/Coil
  • cold rolled uncoated sheet/coil 1,000-1,800mm x 0.5-2.5mm x 1,500-6,000mm (coil id 800mm);
  • cold rolled sheet and coil 0.5-2.5mm x 100-1,700mm;
  • thin strip in coil 0.15-0.20mm x 565-630mm (coil id 500mm); high-carbon strip in coil 0.6-4.5 x 10-465mm; cold rolled sheet for coating 0.35- 0.5mm x 710-920mm x 1,260-1,420mm;
  • cold rolled uncoated sheet/coil 0.5-2mm thick x 500-1,800mm wide;
  • cold rolled uncoated sheet/coil 0.55-2.0 x 1,000-1,500 x 4,000mm;
Hot-Dip Galvanised Sheet/Coil
  • hot-dip galvanized sheet/coil 0.55-1.5mm x 710-1,250mm x 1,420-2,800mm (zinc coating 18-60 microns);
  • hot-dip galvanized sheet/coil 0.5-2mm thick x 500-1,600mm wide;
  • electrolytic single-reduced tinplate 0.22-0.36mm x 712-836mm x 512-910mm;
  • hot-dip tinplate 0.22-0.45mm x 712 x 512mm.
Bright Wire
  • bright wire 0.02-10mm, round and shaped;
  • medium and high-tensile wire for rope and tyre cord;
  • bright wire 0.2-6mm (low-carbon)
Black Annealed Wire
Plain Galvanised Wire
Seamless Tubes & Pipes
  • seamless tubes and pipes 83-426mm dia, 3.5-45mm wall thickness and 4-12m longboiler tube and linepipe 325-465mm dia, 9-27mm wall thickness and 2.8-6m longlinepipe 219.1-325mm, 8-30mm wall thickness; 8.625-12.75in od, 0.35-0.354mm wall thickness;
  • seamless tubes and pipes — hot formed, 127mm dia;
  • seamless tubes and pipes 48-426mm dia (hot rolled), 42-245mm dia (hot extruded);
  • seamless tubes and pipes 13.7-114.3mm od, 1.6-10mm wall thickness.
Longitudinal Weld Tubes & Pipes
  • longitudinal-weld tubes and pipes 20-89mm od, 2.0-3.8mm wall thickness, for municipal purposes;
  • 159-530mm od, 4.5-9.0mm wall thickness, heat treated and with bevelled ends, for gas and oil pipelines;
  • longitudinal-weld tubes and pipes (10-53mm dia, 1-2.2mm wall thickness)
  • longitudinal-weld tubes and pipes 35-114mm dia, 3-4mm wall thickness; welded water tubes 13.5-114mm dia;
  • electric-weld pipes 50, 60, 76, 89 and 102mm dia, wall thickness 3-4mm;
  • longitudinal-weld tubes and pipes 53-1,420mm dia;
Spiral-Weld Tubes & Pipes spiral-weld tubes and pipes 325-1,420mm dia;
Large Diameter Tubes & Pipes large-diameter tubes and pipes SAW 508-1,020m od, 8.0-32.0mm wall thickness, with bevelled ends, for gas and oil pipelines;
Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
  • oil country tubular goods ERW Buttress threaded casing with couplings, 146-245mm od, 7.0-8.9mm wall thickness;
  • oil country tubular goods casing 219.1-244.5mm od, 8.94-20.24mm wall thickness and 8.625-9.625in od, 0.352-0.797in wall thickness;
  • oil country tubular goods — casing 140-168mm dia, 7.3-14mm wall thickness;
Galvanised Tubes And Pipes galvanized tubes and pipes 15-50mm dia for water and gas;
Plastic Coated Tubes And Pipes
Cold Drawn Tubes And Pipes
Hollow Bars
Hollow Section